DDScope 1.2

Developed by James Wilkinson
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DDScope has been serving the micro electronics community since 2006. We specialize in data capture and decoding.
This software allows you to use your PC’s parallel port to capture digital signals and decode them. It works with TTL/CMOS 5v logic levels and allows you to decode many formats of serial data stream. Including TTL SERIAL, CLOCK/DATA, WEIGAND, I2C etc

To date there has never been such a cost effective way to actually see what is going on withing a digital logic circuit. A meter is no good, logic probes only indicative of a fixed state and Osciliscopes have a verry limited capture period and no decoding. Only very expensive HP kit appears to do what DDScope offers, but they cost thousands of pounds.

For the small outlay, DDScope improves on both a meter and cheap osciliscope for analyzing serial data streams. DDScope can decode TTL SERIAL/CLOCK/DATA signals up to about 250Khz this is ideal to work with PIC devices, like 16F84 or 12F683 etc You can now monitor and decode the PIC chip talking to other I2C devices. This really does help with program debugging.

DDScope has some other ‘unique’ features, for example it captures using a RLL type system, where rather than capture millions of samples and waste lots of space, it actually measures the length of each bit. This drastically reduces the file sizes. (From about 6MB per capture to 6KB per capture in general) This also means you can capture much longer samples (potentially minues worth). And this allows DDScope’s to always capture at the best possible resolution, no wait loops, so even a capture of 16KB of actual data is possible and still be able to zoom in to DDScopes 500Khz sampling resolution.

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